Welcome to Action Pest Services  Do you know what to do when you have fleas?  The first thing you need to consider when you know you have fleas are think you have fleas, is what type of bites are you seeing on your body. Fleas usually bite humans on the or around the ankles and some times they will bite the upper arm or they may even bite on the body or where ever they are.  Fleas have to have a blood source and it is most commom for them to be found on pets rather than humans. But if it is not under control and just ignored they will multiply rapidly and attack humans and pets.  Usually fleas will live deep into carpets first because the fleas will lay hundreds to thousand of eggs and they will fall in to the carpets allowing fleas to hatch out immediatly or much later.  Animals usually are the host of fleas and they reason homes get infested by fleas. In order to get control of the fleas in your home or business you must do three things all at the same time.  1. Treat your Pet . Frontline is a proven product that works to help control fleas on your pet, ask you vet for details.  2. wash all bedding of your pet in hot water and dry.  3. Treat the inside of your home. When treating your home you want to use a product or products that include an adulticide and a growth regulator.  4.After teating your home and returning in four hours, six to seven if you have health problems or you are very sensitive, air your home out and vacumm it thoroughly. After you are finished vacumming clean out the container you are using or throw away the bag, and if it is real hot out side set the bag in the sun. The reason you want to vacumm evey day for a week is because this gets the loose dead fleas up and it also removes loose eggs and it the puppa stages of the flea which is the third stage of the fleas. It also will vibrate the eggs that are stuck further in the carpet and cause the eggs to hatch and go through the products sprayed to get rid of the fleas.  If you use these four stages you will be able to help get the fleas under control faster. In one week the inside should be retreated with an adulticide one more time and you can either wait until dry or wait 2 hours before reentry.  Action Pest Services uses the best products and technology available to control fleas in you home or business