Carpenter ants are large (.25 to 1 in/0.64 to 2.5 cm)ants. They prepare dead, damp decaying wood in which to build nests. They do not eat it, however, unlike termites. Sometimes carpenter ants will hollow out section of trees. Carpenter ants use mandibles or claw looking apendages. when Carpenter ants in North Texas do damage they disgard their work through exit holes. The disgards look like wood shavings like you wood see from using a saw on woods. Action Pest Services has treated many homes for Carpenter Ants in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Carrollton, Plano,Highland Village, Celina, Frisco,Little Elm,North Dallas, Prosper, and other North Texas Areas

Controlling carpenter ants consists methods that include locating the nest. When found it can be removed or treated chemically. All moisture conditions that the carpenter ants found conducive must be corrected.

If the home owner treats carpenter ant infestations seriously and acts quickly to get ridof the carpenter ants extreme damage conditions can be limited. In the event of carpenter ant infestation it is recommended that the home owner contact at least three professional companys in the pest industry to make a peace of mind decision.

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